About Us

The purpose of the Club is to promote fellowship, fraternity and appreciation of Italian culture among its members.  

Membership shall be open to any Rossmoor resident who appreciates the Italian Culture.
A limited number of non-residents are eligible to be admitted in compliance with the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) rules. All applicants who are non-residents must be sponsored by two current members.
Application for membership must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Organized on January 26, 1977

2024 Officers:

  • Co-Presidents: Connie and John Palladino   

  • Vice President:  Kathy Johnson 

  • Secretary: Christie Maxwell

  • Treasurer: Angela Buongiorno 

2024 Committee Chairs:

    • Past President: Lucille Belomy 

    • Historian:  Patricia Hines 

    • Parliamentarian: Charles Sanderson

    • Reservations: Roseanna Lavia

    • Program: Joe Casalaina

    • Publicity: Joe Casalaina 

    • Membership: Anthony Lavia

    • Bar/Wine: Tony Ghazal, Anthony Lavia

    • Decorations: Susan Steele

    • Hospitality: Rita Currivan

    • WebMaster/Newsletter: Joe Casalaina


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Copy of the printed 2024 Directory in PDF  without members names.


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Bylaws adopted February 26, 2024


You are willing to help the Board, but maybe need some training first. By filling out this form, you will be notified of Board meetings and invited to attend. In this manner, you will learn how the Members of the Board carry out their duties.

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