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To the students of the Italian Course.                                                            April 16, 2016

As we talked about at the last Cultural group meeting with a few of the students in the class, here are the links to some of the videos and sites to help you review your Italian lessons.

I have collected and copied some of these lessons in a folder in my Google drive that I have used in the last 2 summers to introduce the language  to the middle school students that participate in the Youth Ambassador Exchange Program (part of Walnut Creek Sister Cities program with Noceto (PM).

The 2015-2016 YAE Italian and Hungarian students were here this week. This concludes a very successful   and enjoyable exchange and now we get to work for the 2016-2017 exchange.

The folder name is YAE- Noceto Language videos and audios

The link is:

and it should be viewable to anyone with the link.

The subfolders are:


Rich Steve Italian Phrase book    (This is a folder where I read the pages from the book I gave the students that they take with them to Italy)

and the Italian Living Course CDs both in CD format and Mp3 in subfolders, here:

I copied these videos from YouTube and if you have problem accessing the Google Drive here are the original links and the sequence.

Italiano in Tre Minuti – Lesson 1 – Self  Introductions

Italiano in Tre Minuti – Lesson 2 – Italian Manners

Italiano in Tre Minuti – Lesson 3 – Greetings

Italiano in Tre Minuti – Lesson 4 – Excuse me, do you speak English ?

Italiano in Tre Minuti – Lesson 5 – Apologizing

Italiano in Tre Minuti – Lesson 6 – Numbers 1-10

Italiano in Tre Minuti – Lesson 7 – Numbers 11-100

Italiano in Tre Minuti – Lesson 8 – How Much

Learn Italian by Txxytu  Definite Articles and Possession

Learn Italian by Txxytu  – Shopping

Learn Italian by Txxytu  – Compliments and Congratulations

Learn Italian by Txxytu  – Travel Phrases in Italian

Learn Italian by Txxytu  – Music

Learn Italian by Txxytu  – Love

Learn Italian by Txxytu  – Grammar Basics

Learn Italian by Txxytu  – Grammar Basics 2

Learn Italian by Txxytu  – Reflexive Verbs

There are hundreds of resources on the Internet to learn Italian. Some are completely free, some are free for sample lessons and some are subscription only.

The Italiano in tre minuti are the free lessons from

The offer a variety of courses.


offers language courses (in dozens of language) in most platforms. I think that currently they are all free.

Free Italian lessons and Italian Children’s Stories

This is a very innovative site with a large free sample.

Here is sites with private lessons using Skype:

Here are a few of the language exchange sites where you can exchange to teach English (or another language) with an Italian that will teach you Italian using Skype or other methods:

Italian Verbs Conjugation

Italian English Dictionaries     (directory of dictionaries)

Vocabolario Italiano

Basta per ora !

I am going to put this up in our website at      in a semi private page so that if you  recommend a site, I can update the page and we can all see it.